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a black mark (against somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha black mark (against somebody)a black mark (against somebody)if there is a black mark against you, someone has a bad opinion of you because of something you have done black
Examples from the Corpus
a black mark (against somebody)It is almost impossible to borrow money if you have any black marks against you.Irina had put a black mark against him with Rakovsky.Why is not immediately obvious but sufficiently worrying to put a black mark against the program.The exam league tables have also been given a black mark by teaching unions.Incidentally, Willoughby, you've earned yourself a black mark for that little trouble.You get a black mark next to your name that may show up in your next evaluation.It would be a good mark, not a black mark.The outcome will be recorded but the finding does not constitute a black mark on the record of the officer involved.A mini-breakdown was less of a black mark than a criminal record if he should ever choose to emigrate.
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