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a bubble of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha bubble of somethinga bubble of somethingliterary a small amount of a feeling A bubble of anger rose in Pol’s throat. bubble
Examples from the Corpus
a bubble of somethingThis causes a bubble of ink to shoot out of the nozzle.Meg felt a bubble of anticipation somewhere beneath her diaphragm.She felt a bubble of hysteria rising in her throat and took a deep breath.Normal inkjets use heat to form a bubble of ink which is expelled through nozzles on the printhead.But it does have a dome which holds a bubble of air giving a safe haven if needed.Faces red as holly berries, mouths in a bubble of swearing, they dip and revel in the snow.In essence the model is balanced on a bubble of air and keeps trying to slide off it.For five years, Hong Kong was a bubble of optimism, growing fatter and fatter while its walls stretched thinner.
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