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a changed man/woman

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha changed man/womana changed man/womanCHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTsomeone who has become very different from what they were before, as a result of a very important experience Since she stopped drinking, she’s a changed woman. changed
Examples from the Corpus
a changed man/womanMarley said he was sorry for his crimes and insists he's a changed man.My father came back from the war a changed man.She returned from her travel a changed woman.But when he came home he was a changed man.He emerged from the opera house a changed man.He lives only for the moment, and he is already a changed man.Meanwhile, the master strategist, off in Los Angeles, was sixty-nine years old and a changed man.He's a changed man since Mum went into hospital.Ian says from then on Robert has been a changed man - withdrawn and completely unapproachable.
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