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a clear conscience

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha clear consciencea clear conscienceGUILTY/FEEL GUILTYthe knowledge that you have done the right thing and should not feel guilty πŸ”Š I don’t think I could vote for him with a clear conscience. πŸ”Š She had done what she could and her conscience was clear. β†’ clear
Examples from the Corpus
a clear conscienceβ€’ Now they could dance with a clear conscience.β€’ Sophie and the child will be taken care of, and because of that I can live with a clear conscience.β€’ Let them say whatever they like. I have a clear conscience.β€’ And who has a clear conscience?β€’ But at any rate I can finally dust my hands and put my jacket on with a clear conscience.β€’ He feigned a teasing laugh, a clear conscience.β€’ My understanding of shareware is that it can be freely distributed but requires registration by the user for a clear conscience.β€’ A Clear Conscience A close companion to a forgiving spirit is a clear conscience.β€’ Smith says he has a clear conscience about what happened.β€’ Finley said that he had a clear conscience and that the charges were unfounded.β€’ They could claim, with a clear conscience, that their feet had never left Ross-shire soil.β€’ You can face Lionel with a clear conscience -- you've done nothing to harm him.
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