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a complex of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha complex of somethinga complex of somethingformalGROUP OF THINGS a large number of things which are closely related China was a complex of different societies. complex
Examples from the Corpus
a complex of somethingIn this light, a novel is not a single discourse, but a complex of many discourses.They are dominated by a complex of chalk-rich till with many bodies of sand and gravel.However, this does not mean that pentecostalism does not embody a complex of religious ideas and insights.Some say they formed a complex of sites for religious rituals.Now a state historic park, Fort Ross is a complex of reconstructed buildings situated on the headlands overlooking the ocean.And this means the biosphere itself, a complex of interrelating systems that creates physical life as we know and love it.The dig revealed a complex of three separate setts within the 2m-deep soil.Now the Victors have replaced that living-room-turned-office of thirty-two years ago with a complex of offices and meeting rooms.
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