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a couple

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha couplea couplea) TWOtwo things or people of the same kind syn a fewa couple of There are a couple of girls waiting for you. b) FEW/NOT MANYa small number of things I just need to make a couple more calls.a couple of You’ll be all right in a couple of days. couple
Examples from the Corpus
couple ofThe only casualties I hear of are a couple of pleasure boats which dragged their moorings and were damaged on the shore.The Real team made a huge breakthrough with SureStream for G2 a couple of years ago.He said the changes would be announced in a couple of weeks.We ate, saw some exhibits, took Janir on a couple of miniature rides and played volleyball.Nevertheless, we were given the green light - unfortunately, poor Molly was accidentally stepped on a couple of times.He rearranged a couple of silver paperweights and brushed his long white hair with his hand.All the standard items, but there were a couple of puzzling additions in a childish hand at the bottom.A couple of hours kip in one of the detention rooms hadn't done him much good, and all for what?
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