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a (damn/darned/darn) sight more/better etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha (damn/darned/darn) sight more/better etca (damn/darned/darn) sight more/better etcinformalVERY a lot more, a lot better etc I know the place a damn sight better than you do. The old lady is a sight cleverer than Sarah. sight
Examples from the Corpus
a (damn/darned/darn) sight more/better etcActually, a damn sight more than from that stiff gherkin Smott.I prefer my women a little older and a damn sight more sober.If he listened to Anthony Scrivener, he would be a darned sight better.Perhaps not up there with Wilburforce but a damn sight more daring than anything Diana ever did!The Galapagos finch was a darn sight more valuable than Sandra Willmot.We were a darned sight better than them.
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