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a fair size/amount/number/bit/distance etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha fair size/amount/number/bit/distance etca fair size/amount/number/bit/distance etcespecially British EnglishBIG quite a large size, number etc I’ve still got a fair amount of work left to do. We had travelled a fair way (=quite a long distance) by lunch time.there’s a fair chance (that)/of something (=it is quite likely that something will happen) There’s a fair chance we’ll be coming over to England this summer. fair
Examples from the Corpus
a fair size/amount/number/bit/distance etcIt prefers a fair amount of nutritious detritus.Thanks to the inherently leaky nature of the water industry, there is already a fair amount of information to go on.That involved a fair amount of travel.There was a fair amount going on.You may also be involved in a fair amount of travel.Scientists must proceed cautiously, moving ahead only with the assent of a fair number of their colleagues.But a fair number of them went on to greater things.They'd have a fair bit of tidying up to do before they left.
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