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a feeling for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha feeling for somethinga feeling for somethinga) CANan ability to do something or understand a subject, which you get from experience an orchestra that has always shown a special feeling for Brahms’ music b) CANa natural ability to do something syn talent He has a natural feeling for mathematical ideas. feeling
Examples from the Corpus
a feeling for somethingSinger's religion is also a feeling for the power of the community to censure and reject.Firstly, look at a few maps of zodiacs already published to get a feeling for them.Rather we get a feeling for the differences in the island societies through encounters with restaurant owners.And yet he had a feeling for her.Fat Vince has a feeling for me also, I reckon.Blues singers do well in Ireland, as Celts have a feeling for Negro music.You have a feeling for these people.Individuals should enjoy themselves, but also keep a feeling for the collectivity.
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