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a figment of somebody’s imagination

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha figment of somebody’s imaginationa figment of somebody’s imaginationIMAGINEsomething that you imagine is real, but does not exist figment
Examples from the Corpus
a figment of somebody’s imaginationThese two men actually lived; they weren't figments of some writer's imagination.The gymslip Lolita is not entirely a figment of the male imagination.The carpet is a figment of the imagination: an oriental pattern of light and shadow projected on the floor.The ugly rectory is a figment of my imagination, for there was never such a building on Wood Green.But don't take my word for it; this is not a figment of the journalistic imagination.It had vanished as silently as if it had been only a figment of her imagination.Nearly three years after work had begun, the dam was still a figment of the imagination.The Ghost of Banquo is more than a figment of Macbeth's imagination: it stands in some way in relation to his conscience.Neither one was a figment of his imagination.
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