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a firm grip/hold/grasp etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha firm grip/hold/grasp etca firm grip/hold/grasp etcTIGHTif you have something in a firm grip etc, you are holding it tightly and strongly He took a firm grip of my arm and marched me towards the door. a firm handshake firm
Examples from the Corpus
a firm grip/hold/grasp etcAs soon as one does so, its lips close around it, giving it a firm hold.But at current levels the shares are a firm hold.Clumps of sturdy weed grew wherever they could take a firm hold.Usually this happens because the task is too broadly stated to get a firm grasp on it.I keep a firm grip on my hat and stare into the blustery abyss.As darkness gains a firmer grip the songbirds fade and the owls start.It's safe but you need to have a firm grip to cut a 13-amp flex.Choose a firm hold variant which will keep your style in place during winder weather and light drizzle.
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