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a fresh start

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha fresh starta fresh startAGAINwhen you start something again in a completely new and different way after being unsuccessful I hope Jim and I can get back together and make a fresh start. fresh
Examples from the Corpus
a fresh startAround six years ago, she departed for California to make a fresh start.Every week is a fresh start.It gives you a fresh start.It was spring, and he was making a fresh start.She decided to travel back to this country and make a fresh start.The prisoners welfare group Nacro, says every prisoner leaving jail should be given at least the basics to make a fresh start.What we need, it argues, is a fresh start.Then make a fresh start on a more efficient brand of government activism for the future.Bankruptcy proceedings free you from overwhelming debts so that you can make a fresh start, subject to restrictions.
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