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a fund of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha fund of somethinga fund of somethinga large supply of something He had a fund of stories about his boyhood. fund
Examples from the Corpus
a fund of somethingAll the same, signalmen can be a fund of unexpected tales and it is always interesting to hear their stories.As with any creative work there can be no prescription that will guarantee a fund of good teaching ideas.He set out to be amusing; he had a fund of anecdotes, some about people Eloise knew well.Ronny has a bottomless fund of anecdotes.Elderly citizens have a fund of experience and knowledge.He is a fund of ideas on children's education.I myself would be proud to donate to a fund of this kind, as I think a lot of people would.I happen to think that behind much of that flamboyance in his earlier years there was a fund of timidity and reticence.We are faced with a fund of conflicting speculations.
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