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a fury of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha fury of somethinga fury of somethingEMOTIONALa state of very busy activity or strong feeling She was listening with such a fury of concentration that she did not notice Arthur had left. In a fury of frustration and fear Nina bit his hand. fury
Examples from the Corpus
a fury of somethingA blaze of glory, a fury of passion that left them weak and trembling in each other's arms.It was all coming back, a fury of whiteness rushing against my head with violent percussive rage.Barakai commenced a fury of strokes which seemed to beat down the Manchu's blade.She drove down the road in a fury of emotion.She sat in a fury of indecision and worry, wondering if he and Ace had met.Three minutes before the dark, ominous skies unleashed a fury of rain and thunder.
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