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a going concern

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha going concerna going concerna business which is making a profit and is expected to continue to do so going
Examples from the Corpus
a going concernBut you and I know the Soviet Union is a going concern.In January 1987 she went to live in Tenerife and on 8 May 1987 she sold the business as a going concern.Prides Hill Kennels was a going concern.The company shall be presumed to be carrying on its business as a going concern.To tell her that she and Piers were now a going concern?The factors which, if present, indicate the transfer as a going concern largely relate to intangible assets.Although its assets are notionally worth £10 billion, their market value as a going concern must be far less.The possibility that parts of the business could be sold off as a going concern should not be overlooked.
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