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a golden opportunity

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha golden opportunitya golden opportunityCHANCE/OPPORTUNITYa good chance to get something valuable or to be very successful He wasted a golden opportunity when he missed from the penalty spot. golden
Examples from the Corpus
a golden opportunityPersonally, I think you have a golden opportunity before you.By not buying that stock, I missed a golden opportunity to become a millionaire.But Tories have attacked the decision and say a golden opportunity to boost foreign trade links could have been lost.Tamny was appalled that Harleston had passed up a golden opportunity to dismiss Jeffries.But the country as a whole may have missed a golden opportunity to put its fiscal house in order.For the Treasury this presented a golden opportunity to recover its traditional dominance which it had lost during the war.As a result a company may have a golden opportunity to remove its operators from their central role in controlling production.The agenda gave Sutton a golden opportunity to stamp his authority on the paper.Classic footage, but a golden opportunity wasted to trace his career from his Olympic gold medal days.
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