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a good/bad judge of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha good/bad judge of somethinga good/bad judge of somethingJUDGEsomeone whose opinion on something is usually right or wrong Sandra’s a very good judge of character. judge
Examples from the Corpus
a good/bad judge of somethingHe's also a good judge of a quick run.I didn't protest as it was his fence officially, and he was supposed to be a good judge of torque.Sarah's not a very good judge of character.And for all his imagination, he was not a good judge of character on limited acquaintance.But Anya's a better judge of character than she used to be, back in the old homeland.It was not that he was too sure of himself simply that he was a good judge of the possible.He was a good judge of character, hated hypocrisy, and had no time for conceit.Munnings, he told reporters, was a better judge of horses than paintings.
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