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a good deal

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha good deala good dealLOT/VERY MUCHa lot It cost a good deal, I can tell you.a good deal of trouble/time/work etc I went to a good deal of trouble to get this ticket.a good deal bigger/better etc He was a good deal older than her. good
Examples from the Corpus
a good dealCowpland said he was willing to buy the company if he got a good deal.Strength in numbers will allow us to give customers a better deal.The price of the holiday includes free use of the tennis courts, the pool, and the gym. It's a very good deal.Yes, Sammler knew a good deal about Wharton Horricker.The lower rates may be a better deal for most employers, but health coverage could be cut back too.In the United States the courts exercise a good deal of influence quite independently of the other branches of government.It is based on a good deal of research and contains many valid insights.I am afraid there will be a good deal of suffering among the poor this winter.It took a good deal of time for me and it to get together.I've spent a good deal of time preparing this report.They gave me a really good deal on my camera.I got a really good deal on my car.
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