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a good/large part of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha good/large part of somethinga good/large part of somethingLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTa lot or more than half of something A large part of the budget will be spent on advertising. part
Examples from the Corpus
a good/large part of somethingChecheno-Ingushetia was abolished, and a large part of the Ingushi lands had been ceded to North Ossetia and repopulated by Ossetes.So did a large part of the local population, including Morag Paterson.Ten black men took a sledge-hammer to the work, and knocked off a large part of his face.Many young people are now attracted to the idea of producing a large part of their own food.Had Therese spent a large part of her salary on a dress she would never wear again?So that a large part of every day is not determined by thought at all, it more or less just happens because of habit.Married couples make up a large part of the church's congregation.Social services take up a large part of the council budget.His energies were never enormous, but limited though they were, he used a large part of them outside the business.
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