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a good/safe bet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha good/safe beta good/safe betSUCCEED IN DOING somethingan action or situation that is likely to be successful or does not involve much risk If you’re looking for long-term growth, the government’s own saving certificates are a pretty good bet. hedge your bets at hedge2(2) bet
Examples from the Corpus
a good/safe betIt was always a safe bet, of course, that Hillsborough would be just about the least dangerous place in Britain yesterday.The supermodels are a safe bet and, in times of recession, that is what matters.Cohen says companies like PictureTel have improved transmission quality, making video conferencing a better bet than in years past.Even if you spend more and risk recurring sticker shock, the place is a good bet to tranquilize you.Still, if a well-equipped sporty car is in your heart, the fifth-generation Prelude probably is a good bet.Only a few months ago he had looked like a good bet.The earrings seemed like a good bet for a birthday present.That makes them a good bet if you travel with a laptop computer.
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