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a good/sympathetic listener

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha good/sympathetic listenera good/sympathetic listenerSYMPATHIZEsomeone who listens carefully and sympathetically to other people listener
Examples from the Corpus
a good/sympathetic listenerSeek not only to be understood but to understand-be a good listener.Be a good listener and do not demand that children reveal all that they do or think.And apart from the information you get, being a good listener helps the other side to relax and have confidence in you.People liked her because she was steady, sensible, a good listener.Zach said he was a good listener and that he was a sensitive being.Lady Thatcher never drew breath, while John Major was a good listener.In the Collins family, Kevin was not actually told stories about how he, too, was a good listener.It will give you the opportunity to discuss your problems with a sympathetic listener.
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