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a grand total

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha grand totala grand totalTOTALthe final total you get when you add up several numbers or amountsa grand total of You could add the £15,000 Bonus to the First Prize and win a grand total of £125,000! grand
Examples from the Corpus
grand ofThis gives a grand total of 16,219 interconnections.Each of the 96 subjects did the experiment twice, giving a grand total of 192 repetitions of the experiment.In 1990, the residents bought the development-for a grand total of $ 1.This compares to a grand total of £3.1 billion for the whole of last year.A great day for the new committee, resulting in a grand total of £475.He was earning $ 4. 70 an hour and taking home a grand total of $ 50 a week.We are delighted and thrilled with the enthusiasm and ingenuity you have displayed while producing a grand total of over £2,500.
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