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a grand total

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha grand totala grand totalTOTALthe final total you get when you add up several numbers or amountsa grand total of 🔊 You could add the £15,000 Bonus to the First Prize and win a grand total of £125,000! grand
Examples from the Corpus
grand ofThis gives a grand total of 16,219 interconnections.Each of the 96 subjects did the experiment twice, giving a grand total of 192 repetitions of the experiment.In 1990, the residents bought the development-for a grand total of $ 1.This compares to a grand total of £3.1 billion for the whole of last year.A great day for the new committee, resulting in a grand total of £475.He was earning $ 4. 70 an hour and taking home a grand total of $ 50 a week.We are delighted and thrilled with the enthusiasm and ingenuity you have displayed while producing a grand total of over £2,500.
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