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a great/good deal

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha great/good deala great/good dealLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTa large quantity of something syn a lota great/good deal of πŸ”Š It took a great deal of time and effort. πŸ”Š His work has been attracting a great deal of attention.a great/good deal more/less etc (=a lot more, less etc) πŸ”Š He knew a good deal more than I did. πŸ”Š She’s married to a man a good deal older than herself.GRAMMAR: Comparisona great/good deal ofβ€’ You use a great deal of or a good deal of with uncountable nouns: a great deal of moneya good deal of workβ€’ A great/good deal of is not used with nouns in the plural. βœ—Don’t say: a great deal of peoplea lot ofβ€’ You can use a lot of with nouns in the plural or uncountable nouns: a lot of peoplea lot of trouble β†’ deal
Examples from the Corpus
a great/good dealβ€’ The movement of earthworms throughout layers can also cause a great deal of disruption, blurring the divisions.β€’ Very frequently, speechwriters are recruited from the ranks of journalism, which accounts for a great deal.β€’ In the last ten years, we have learned a great deal more about this interplay.β€’ Teachers also received a great deal of support and help from both popular organizations and from communities to ease their situation.β€’ She spoke a great deal about poetry.β€’ A single incident suggests a great deal about Hennepinhis prudery, his belligerence, his sensitivity.β€’ One particular candidate responding to the survey went to a great deal of trouble to commit his decidedly anti-headhunting views to paper.β€’ Neither girl took a great deal of interest in me.
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