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a hail of bullets/stones etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha hail of bullets/stones etca hail of bullets/stones etcPMWa large number of bullets, stones etc that are thrown or fired at someone The aircraft were met by a hail of gunfire. hail
Examples from the Corpus
a hail of bullets/stones etcThe man got within twenty yards of the tape before a hail of bullets finally brought him down.At 8am police officers, accompanying prison staff, tried to enter the centre but were met by a hail of stones.Three West Belfast men died in a hail of bullets.Sandra Mitchley, 35, died immediately in a hail of bullets.The mere appearance of a uniform is often enough to provoke a hail of stones, even a riot.They knew they had entered small-arms range when a hail of bullets crippled the steering.
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