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a hand

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha handa handHELPhelp with something – used in the following phrasesneed/want a hand Do you need a hand packing?give/lend (somebody) a hand Can you give me a hand to lift this? If you get stuck, Denise is always willing to lend a hand.I could do with a hand/use a hand (=it would be useful to have some help) We could certainly do with a hand. a helping hand at help1(9) hand
Examples from the Corpus
give/lend (somebody) a handGet out there and give a hand.It shows that some one out there is thinking of us, and giving us a hand along in the world.Martin, Warren, you're still on fencing, aren't you, well, Tom can lend a hand there.After George had left his basket at home he gave Willie a hand.Women came by from other camps to lend a hand, bringing prashad.Fernando, his mouth clinging passionately to hers, raised his body away from her to give his hands freedom to move.
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