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a handful of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha handful of somethinga handful of somethingFEW/NOT MANYa very small number of people or things There were only a handful of people there. handful
Examples from the Corpus
a handful of somethingThere's nothing to beat a handful of mushrooms in with a rabbit stew.The license limit has prevented retail chains from selling alcoholic beverages at all but a handful of locations.Lures: Get a handful of 4-and 5-inch plastic ocean lures.What counts is having a handful of young that are exceptional.Nanomachines could rearrange the atoms in a handful of dirt and produce bread or any other food.With modest resources, the Agriculture Department is introducing the new technologies to growers in a handful of pilot projects nationwide.All these packages have the three core applications, plus a handful of additional features.However, there were a handful of occasions at Cely when her husband's restraining influence was very much a factor.
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