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a hangover from something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha hangover from somethinga hangover from somethingREMAIN/BE LEFTsomething from the past that still exists or happens but is no longer necessary or useful This feeling was a hangover from her schooldays. an institution which is a hangover from Victorian times hangover
Examples from the Corpus
a hangover from somethingHuge business debt is the hangover from the buyout mania of the 1980s.The beat, a hangover from the early Metropolitan Police as well as from the older watch system, had clearly defined features.SYSTEM.INI is a hangover from Windows 3 and has been retained for compatibility reasons.It is a hangover from those long gone days when it was actually used for darning socks!This, it is suggested, is a hangover from Victorian and Colonial days.The dispute over nuclear waste is a hangover from the last hours of the Conservative government in 1997.However, this was merely a hangover from the past; and after the middle of the century even these payments ceased.But nothing delights him more than his futures markets, which are something of a hangover from his trading days.She was a hangover from the old days, when he had had to hustle the stuff himself.
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