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a hard/tough etc act to follow

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha hard/tough etc act to followa hard/tough etc act to followsomeone who does such an excellent job that it would be difficult for someone doing the same job after them to be as good 🔊 He has been a very successful captain and will be a hard act to follow. act
Examples from the Corpus
a hard/tough etc act to followClearly Amelia was a hard act to follow.Colm Toibin's piece will be a hard act to follow but I suspect you are up to it.I know that she will be a tough act to follow.It was a hard act to follow, but the poor did what they could to provide respectable funerals for their dead.John's is, of course, a hard act to follow.The new model has a tough act to follow.You've certainly set us a hard act to follow!
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