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a helping hand

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha helping handa helping handHELPSUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLANhelp and supportgive/lend/offer etc somebody a helping hand She’s been giving me a helping hand with the children. help
Examples from the Corpus
give/lend/offer etc somebody a helping handBritain's champion in the sport has been lending a helping hand.Even with housed animals they normally gave their husbands a helping hand.The Basques, romantics to a man, believed that Fate would give Biarritz a helping hand.A few guidelines are all that is needed: Be considerate of others, give a helping hand, be safe.The one giving the helping hand looked at me and Thorpey but that was all.He wasn't even offering her a helping hand, she brooded.This is often the result of inexperienced people trying to give a helping hand to get the gliders out.
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