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a judgment (on somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha judgment (on somebody/something)a judgment (on somebody/something)PUNISH formal something bad that happens to someone and seems like a punishment for the things they have done wrong judgment
Examples from the Corpus
a judgment (on somebody/something)In a judgment delivered by the late Hunter J.A. the court rejected this argument.Finally, an evaluative orientation involves your synthesis of facts and feelings into a judgment about some political phenomenon.In dealing with this immediate situation, your teammate has made a judgment that you can be dominated.How can a choice be made without making a judgment?Another aspect of the context of a judgment is the other tasks that were performed at the same time.The court of appeals upheld all except the spousal-consent requirement, a judgment affirmed by the Court.Procedure: There were two phases to the experiment, a description phase and then a judgment phase.A member is entitled to a judgment that is free from any extraneous or ulterior motive.
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