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a kind of (a) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha kind of (a) somethinga kind of (a) somethingspokenEXACT used to say that your description of something is not exact a kind of reddish-brown color kind
Examples from the Corpus
a kind of (a) somethingIn doing so, it acts as a kind of analysis of this conflict.Yet the reading appeared to bring Emilia a kind of doleful peace.A polymer forms over the marks and shows them up in a kind of 3-D relief.There was just a kind of suspicious boredom.In spite of its superb production values, Granta remains a kind of up-market Reader's Digest.And the home office is full of good intentions that lead to a kind of business hell.And yet, that lifetime was a kind of scale model for what followed.There was a kind of peace about it.
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