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a kindred spirit

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha kindred spirita kindred spiritLIKE/SIMILARsomeone who thinks and feels the way you do kindred
Examples from the Corpus
a kindred spiritHe had realised as soon as he had employed Michael that he had found himself a kindred spirit.In the then president, Sir Hugh Casson, he found a kindred spirit.Juliet was grateful to find a kindred spirit among all these wealthy public-school-educated socialites.I could also imagine the gentle but resolute Amsale recognizing a kindred spirit in Neil Brown.No doubt she and Zahara had become friends because each recognised a kindred spirit in the other.Certainly a kindred spirit lives on under the front-hinged bonnet.I was different, to be sure, but he accepted me as a kindred spirit of sorts.She recognised him as a kindred spirit, with the same happy-go-lucky, questing attitude to life which she herself possessed.
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