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a labour of love

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha labour of lovea labour of loveLIKE somebody OR somethingsomething that is hard work but that you do because you want to labour
Examples from the Corpus
a labour of loveFor Joan it has been a labour of love and provides an amusing and detailed insight into medicine in the town.It is a labour of love by Professor A. G. Toth and primarily for specialists.But for Mavis Hindmarsh and her team of volunteers furniture removal is a labour of love.Male speaker It's a labour of love looking after Dinmore.But then it was a labour of love.Compiling such a list was a labour of love - too pleasurable an activity to pursue in office hours.Mervyn Gowell was a fitter at the plant and says that working on the Meteor was a labour of love.David Croft and Jimmy Perry's sitcom was a labour of love.
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