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a litter of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha litter of somethinga litter of somethingliteraryGROUP OF THINGS a group of things that look very untidy A litter of notes, papers, and textbooks were strewn on the desk. litter
Examples from the Corpus
a litter of somethingA litter of cocaine bags and razor blades was found in the room.He fell twice, going down the second time across a litter of boxes, and losing the gun.Can a litter of kittens have more than one father?They swept forward like a sea-wave, and left a litter of presents and tributes along the rim of the stage.These little fishes become quite tame and will respond at feeding time by rushing to their food like a litter of puppies.An induced birth after thirty-six hours of false labor, the runt of a litter of twelve.Indeed, she may give to a litter of mixed paternity.If we were to introduce a new toy to a litter of puppies, they would play with it.The front of the house was a litter of branches that the wind had torn from the trees the night before.
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