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a little

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha littlea littleLITTLE/NOT MUCHa small amount Fortunately I had a little time to spare. Susan speaks a little French. A little over half the class can swim. He walked on a little (=a short distance) and then turned back.a little more/less Would you like a little more milk in your coffee?a little of The city is regaining a little of its former splendour. little
Examples from the Corpus
a little"Do you feel sad that you're leaving?" "Just a little."I could see that Mrs Ewing's hand was trembling a little."Do you speak French?" "Just a little.""Would you like some more coffee?" "Just a little."I know only a little bit of Korean.Gas prices have fallen a little, but they are still much higher than last year.I have a little cash with me, but not enough to pay for both of us.He earns a little extra by working on weekends.If we all used a little less paper, we'd probably save a forest or two.If I were you I'd use a little less salt next time.A little make-up would make her look so much more attractive.A private room costs a little more, but it's worth it.I think I'll try a little of the casserole.I can understand a little of the frustration he must be feeling.A little of the grease got on my skirt.A little over half the class can swim.His work has improved a little since he began the special classes.I'm feeling a little tired, I think I'll go upstairs and have a rest.Most people will give a little to charity if they are asked.I'm a little upset with you right now.
a littlea littleLITTLE/NOT MUCHslightly or to a small degree syn a bit She trembled a little as she spoke. He was a little surprised at her request.a little more/better/further etc We’ll have to wait a little longer to see what happens. little
Examples from the Corpus
a little more/better/further etcWith a little more black in her eyeliner and sediment in her voice, she could be ready to play Blanche DuBois.Those who like to live a little more dangerously will explore discounted variable rate offers.Among many seventeenth-century Puritans, a little more leeway about the value of good works in salvation was allowed.Want something a little more personal?I smoothed a little more powder on my face.Or soon will... if it can just find a little more room.There is a little more stress and movement around door frames than elsewhere.After 1995, the two companies in New Jersey will have a little more than 40,000 employees.