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a long way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha long waya long wayvery much, far, or a great amount or degree We’re still a long way from achieving our sales targets. Psychiatry has come a long way (=developed a lot) since the 1920s. Your contributions will go a long way towards helping children in need (=will help to reach a goal).by a long way/shot informal (also by a long chalk British English) (=used when something is much better, quicker, cheaper etc) It was his best performance this year, by a long way.not by a long way/shot informal (also not by a long chalk British English) (=not at all or not nearly) He had not told Rory everything, not by a long shot. long
Examples from the Corpus
a long wayFor me, a little bit of race watching goes a long way.Genuine smiles and statements of appreciation go a long way.The negotiations are over, but the contract is a long way from being signed.It's a long way from the sturdy frames the technicians normally handle.Taken together they go a long way in explaining the birth and persistence of aesthetic modernism.Still, they had come a long way since their managerial debut.He believes it still has a long way to go.That tale goes a long way toward explaining why the spineless weasels in Dogpatch have once again rejected a referendum.
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