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a mark of respect/honour/affection etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha mark of respect/honour/affection etca mark of respect/honour/affection etcsomething that happens or is done to show respect, honour etca mark of respect/honour/affection etc for The plaque awarded to Grant is a mark of recognition for his years of service. There was a two-minute silence as a mark of respect for the dead.see thesaurus at sign mark
Examples from the Corpus
as a mark of respectAnd tonight the traditional college Christmas dinner was cancelled as a mark of respect.The following day's race was cancelled as a mark of respect.Before entering it, a student must make a formal bow at the doorway as a mark of respect.Shops had their blinds drawn down and the shopkeepers stood in their doorways as a mark of respect.He had expended himself so much for the people Eva made the long journey to his funeral as a mark of respect.Although it was correct, I dare say, and he no doubt intended it as a mark of respect.However, he regarded it as a mark of respect and discipline, and old habits died hard.The flag at Wadham college was at half mast today as a mark of respect for the two men.
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