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a mirror of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha mirror of somethinga mirror of somethingREPRESENTsomething that gives a clear idea of what something else is like syn reflection We believe the polls are an accurate mirror of public opinion. mirror
Examples from the Corpus
a mirror of somethingThis is Chicago, mirror of all that's gruesome and glorious in America's urban experience.Athletes are a mirror of society, even if sometimes their images are blown out of proportion.Perhaps it was while watching the faces, that I began to get a mirror of my own doubts.Edward came back, dropped the planks, and stared at the kiln as into a mirror of his own increasing frustration.The top piece of bread is a mirror of the bottom, spread with mayo and mustard.But the invisibility of women in the sociology of deviance is not simply a mirror of reality.More than a witness to Mitterrand, in many respects, the event was a mirror of the witnesses's preoccupations.
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