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a mixed bag

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha mixed baga mixed bagVARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDS a) a group of things or people that are all very different from each othera mixed bag of 🔊 The concert was a mixed bag of classical and modern music. 🔊 Club-goers are a mixed bag these days, and so are the places they go clubbing. b) something that includes both good and bad parts 🔊 The meat was very good, but the vegetables were rather a mixed bag. mixed
Examples from the Corpus
mixed ofThe 17 exhibitors at the fair had bought a mixed bag of drawings, spanning centuries and price ranges.The quarter finals also took place on Saturday and produced a mixed bag of entertainment.We will get a mixed bag of patents.The first is a mixed bag of songs and dances, only a couple associated with Rivera.
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