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a modicum of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha modicum of somethinga modicum of somethingformalLITTLE/NOT MUCH a small amount of something, especially a good quality a modicum of common sense modicum
Examples from the Corpus
a modicum of somethingBefore you rush out, though, we must advise a modicum of caution.Understanding of figures and a modicum of research seem called for.As a party, it really only exercised a modicum of power in relation to the Stormont administration.But just suppose that the village mayoral candidate has a modicum of integrity in advertising.Sometimes there is a modicum of truth within a cliché.And just a modicum of elegant shafting.As long as they get some exposure to written language, most learners will acquire at least a modicum of literacy.Much of James's statement had more than a modicum of truth.She had done the necromancy with a modicum of debonair detachment until the Army called out her husband for the second time.
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