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a moot point/question

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha moot point/questiona moot point/questionUNCERTAINsomething that has not yet been decided or agreed, and about which people have different opinions Whether these controls will really reduce violent crime is a moot point. moot
Examples from the Corpus
a moot point/questionQuite how long Lord Young was proposing to delay publication is a moot point.This, of course, is a moot point.When you go to a place called Texas Bone, deciding what to order becomes a moot point.Whether the law should be this is a moot point.Whether they have appeared as part of the C. and A.G.'s audit is a moot point.Whether this input has made a significant impact on the pattern of activity is a moot point.It is a moot point whether hierarchies exist outside our own thought processes.It's a moot point whether this is censorship.
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