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a motley collection/crew/assortment etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha motley collection/crew/assortment etca motley collection/crew/assortment etcVARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDSa group of people or things that are very different from each other and do not seem to belong together I looked at the motley bunch we were sailing with and began to feel uneasy about the trip. His pockets contained a motley collection of coins, movie ticket stubs, and old candies. motley
Examples from the Corpus
a motley collection/crew/assortment etcA group appear from the house, a motley collection like a troupe of clowns.When he stalked out he left her with a motley crew mostly of accountants and lawyers.The party is not a motley collection of ageing hippies, but an arm of a wealthy and complex organisation.A middle-aged couple got out and began to unload a motley collection of boxes and bags.All had several days' growth of beard and were dressed in a motley collection of civilian clothing.Photographs of the period show groups of men in a motley collection of semi-uniform.If so, is what you have put together really just a motley collection with a messy clash of styles and materials?
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