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a/one hell of a something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha/one hell of a somethinga/one hell of a somethingspoken not politeVERY used to emphasize the idea that something is very big, very good, very bad etcI’ve come one hell of a long way to get here.Envy like yours is a hell of a good motive for murder. hell
Examples from the Corpus
a/one hell of a somethingIt was one hell of a party.They had a hell of a time finding adequate housing.We rode on to Safford, hit a bar and had a hell of a good time.Ray's a hell of a salesman.She's drinking a hell of a lot these days.But that's probably because the firm was in a hell of a mess when he took over.DEVIL-MAY-CARE actress Liz Hurley made a hell of a Beelzeboob at a charity fashion bash.It's a hell of a game.It had one hell of a noise, too, if you were close to it.It would do everyone a hell of a lot of good to hear you.That's a hell of a way to go, I say.
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