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a piece/slice of the action

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha piece/slice of the actiona piece/slice of the actioninformal an opportunity to be involved in an event or activity, especially one that will be enjoyable or will make money If you want a slice of the action, tickets may still be available. action
Examples from the Corpus
a piece/slice of the actionA police station, so help me, is a piece of the action.His successors never again ran the town, as he did, but they always had a piece of the action.If you want a slice of the action tickets may still be available on.If you want to get a slice of the action book early - no kidding.Nation shall speak peace unto nation, and I shall grab a piece of the action.Or did evil Uncle Humbert destroy it, because under the law he would then get a piece of the action?So how do you get a slice of the action?Will foreign firms get a piece of the action?
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