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a pity

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha pitya pityspokenPITY/IT'S A PITY used to show that you are disappointed about something and you wish things could happen differently syn shame(it’s a) pity (that) It’s a pity that he didn’t accept the job. It’s a great pity Joyce wasn’t invited. I like Charlie. Pity he had to marry that awful woman. A pity we can’t find the guy who did it.what/that’s a pity ‘Are you married?’ ‘No.’ ‘What a pity.’it’s a pity to do something It would be a pity to give up now – you’ve nearly finished. pity
Examples from the Corpus
great pityHe says all the signs are it could soon be as bad as last year, which would be a great pity.This by-law has never been repealed and it is a great pity that it is not still rigidly enforced.If you can go again this is no problem, but for the once-only visitor it is a great pity.It is a great pity that such reactionary ideas are still harboured by the Labour party in Havering and elsewhere.For myself, a great pity.It's a great pity she can't be included.It was a great pity that the team was not allowed to perform at other displays during the anniversary year.
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