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a poor second/third etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha poor second/third etca poor second/third etcLOSE A GAME, COMPETITION, OR WARthe act of finishing a race, competition etc a long way behind the person ahead of you McLean won easily, and Benson was a poor second.come (in) a poor second/third etc British English The Socialists came a poor second with 26.5% of the vote. poor
Examples from the Corpus
come (in) a poor second/third etcIt is true though, that where waters are absolutely saturated with maggots, even bread comes a poor second.In the real world political initiatives come a poor second to security considerations.All in all marriage was a pragmatic affair and individual desires came a poor second to the harmony of the group.The passenger has always come a poor second to the operational integrity of the system.The Socialists would come a poor second with 26.5%; the Communists could expect no more than 7%.
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