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a rough/easy ride

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha rough/easy ridea rough/easy rideinformalUNPLEASANT if people give someone, especially someone in authority, a rough or an easy ride, they make a situation difficult or easy for them Journalists gave the prime minister a rough ride at the press conference. The chairman will face a rough ride from shareholders. The president will not have an easy ride when he gives his account of events. ride
Examples from the Corpus
a rough/easy rideWell, it's turned out not so badly, he thought, although it's been a rough ride.He cheered Tory backbenchers, but they predicted that the Chancellor could also face a rough ride unless the plan works.But history says Bill Clinton may be in for a rough ride.Any member on a committee to which Karl Barth belonged had a rough ride.Even after the Renaissance and the rebirth of learning had reached these shores ears were still having a rough ride.
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