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a run on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha run on somethinga run on somethingBUY a) a situation in which lots of people suddenly buy a particular productrush There’s always a run on roses before Valentine’s Day. b) a run on the dollar/pound etc a situation in which lots of people sell dollars etc and the value goes down c) a run on the bank an occasion when a lot of people take their money out of a bank at the same time run
Examples from the Corpus
a run on somethingA sudden collapse could cause a run on mutual funds, which could in turn threaten the financial system.The show has struggled all season, although ratings picked up during a run on Wednesday nights at 9: 30.In the late afternoon I came back from a run on the Mesa Trail to find Janir fuming.Since the break-ins, stores have reported a run on deadbolt locks.Growing nervousness among small investors also led to a run on some banks.Suddenly there was a run on, and mice were going faster than nachos and salsa.There was a run on all major stock exchanges.There was a run on the Tuesday afternoon for the producers.
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