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a show of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha show of somethinga show of somethingSHOW A FEELING OR ATTITUDEan occasion when someone deliberately shows a particular feeling, attitude, or quality I felt I should make a show of dignity. The award will be seen as a show of support.show of strength/force a strong and determined show of force by the police show
Examples from the Corpus
a show of somethingHiring the first woman building and zoning enforcement officer was added as a show of good faith.The dolphins may rub up against you as a show of affection.Mawkish videos are legitimate triggers for a show of feeling.Sometimes she was so funny that it seemed she ought to be given a show of her own.Instead of a show of hands, we have electronic polls.Laurent, presented a show of only 29 models to a small, select audience.And at first I tried to stanch my panic by telling myself it was only that: a show of freedom.Franco responded to these signs of internal opposition with what, effectively, was a show of force.She had not wanted him to respond with a show of good humour.
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