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a sleepless night

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha sleepless nighta sleepless nighta night when you are unable to sleep Adrian spent a sleepless night wondering what to do. sleepless
Examples from the Corpus
a sleepless nightHe lives with them every day, and sweats them out on many a sleepless night.She had plenty of time to think it over during a sleepless night, and on the train in the morning.His eyes were red-rimmed, their gilded brightness dulled from a sleepless night, and perhaps also from weeping.The four travellers passed a sleepless night, each thinking of the gift Oz had promised to bestow on him.She couldn't even feel resentful that he slept so peacefully after she had suffered a sleepless night of angst.After a sleepless night Stavrogin sets forth.He'd had a sleepless night thinking over how badly things had gone.His social conscience, dulled by a sleepless night, was now barely alive.
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